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IP 2004

IP 2004
CDN $: $330.00
US $: $265.00
Manufacturer: Nortel BCM 200/400

Nortel Networks IP Phone 2004

The Nortel Networks IP Phone 2004 delivers traditional business communications in a network controlled by a Nortel Networks Business Communications Manager, Meridian 1, Succession 1000, Succession 1000M or Multimedia Communications Server 5100. The IP Phone 2004 is directly connected to the LAN via a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet connection, offering simplified management and reducing the time and cost associated with moves, adds and changes.

Features & Benefits
Simplified Management: The IP Phone 2004 connects directly into an Ethernet LAN and automatically obtains IP address assignments via a standard DHCP server, reducing the time and costs associated with traditional moves, adds and changes

Advanced telephony feature and application access extends traditional telephony features and advanced applications such as CallPilot Unified Messaging and Symposium and Meridian Integrated applications over an Ethernet connection

Common across multiple platforms: Provides investment protection across multiple platforms including Business Communications Manager, Meridian 1, Communication Server 1000, Communication Server 1000M, Multimedia Communications Server 5100 and Service Provider platforms

Power over Ethernet: Power over Ethernet delivers power from the Data Switching Equipment over Ethernet cabling via the IEEE 802.3af specification. By supporting Power over Ethernet, the IP Phone 2004 eliminates the need for power splitters and AC outlets, resulting in a more reliable and cost effective solution

10Mps/100Mps full duplex Locked Up connections: The IP Phone 2004 can now be manually configured to either 10Mbs or 100Mbs. This ability to lock up the connection ensures full-duplex audio in environments where the Data Switching Equipment does not auto negotiate the connection
Direct connection to LAN allows customers to capitalize on the economies of a simplified wiring system within the enterprise

Enterprises can flexibly provide users with features and services they require to balance user functionality, streamlined management, and reduced facilities costs

International icons or English text key caps depending on user preference and/or country of deployment, the IP Phone 2004 can be equipped with International icons or English text key caps.



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